Space Cadets

Action, adventure, humour. Fun!

What if your imagination could take you anywhere. Literally. Twelve-year-old Simon loves to daydream—a little too much, according to his twin sister Casey, who prefers real-life adventures. After an accident with their father’s mysterious invention leaves the twins exhausted and dazed, Simon imagines that he is flying a spaceship. Suddenly, he finds that he can no longer control the fantasy, and he and his sister end up stuck in space. For real.

Simon and Casey are taken prisoner by the evil Gamnilians, an alien race bent on galactic domination. In jail they come across an unexpected ally in Geet, a fearful but clever little alien who wants exactly what they want – freedom, and to find a way home. Their attempt to escape will push them beyond anything they’ve ever experienced, and create a friendship that will last a lifetime.

What Readers Are Saying…

Although Space Cadets was written for a middle grade audience, it is a great romp for readers of any age. The plot constructs and character development rank right up there with the best fiction on the market today. The scenarios take the reader on a wild ride of laughing, crying, and thinking. Best of all, the conclusion is immensely satisfying—one puts the book down with the feeling of time well spent.

John Burnham


Buckle up for a wild ride into outer space! Space Cadets is a non-stop adventure from page one, proving that nothing is impossible with enough imagination.

Dawn Christine Jonckowski


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